Maternity Summer Essentials

17. July 2014 00:00
Summer can be rough, especially for pregnant women. Your body is working overtime, you're tired, and you are always hot. Trying to deal with pregnancy and the weather can be quite a feat, but it's definitely possible. Follow these simple tips to help stay cool, comfortable, and stylish. [More]

Hidden Beauty Remedies: Body

16. July 2014 00:00
Sometimes, it feels like the body requires more products than it actually needs. Instead of buying a cabinet full of products, try looking in your kitchen first. You'll be amazed by what these multi-use items can do for your skin. This is the final instalment of a Hidden Beauty Remedies three-part series. Check out our Hidden Beauty Remedies for your hair and face. [More]

Tips & Tricks to Save on Your Reading Addiction

15. July 2014 00:00
My favorite place to go as a young girl was always the bookstore. Surrounded by never-ending aisles of books, I was in heaven. The advent of the digital book only made my reading habit stronger. I didn’t need to go to the library or even get out of bed to start my next adventure. Naturally, this led to some serious spending since all it took was a click of the mouse. Nowadays, I’ve learned the error of my spending ways, and want to let you in on the secret. You can read for free! You’ll never get bored, with thousands of eBook and audiobook options at your fingertips. [More]

Apps That Help You Save: On the Road

14. July 2014 00:00
There’s something you carry around every single day that could be helping you save a ton of money. You use it to text your best friend, call mom, read the latest bestseller and play Angry Birds — why not use it to find bargains, too? These apps can help you find money-saving opportunities, no matter where you are. [More]

Designer Doggies

10. July 2014 00:00
The days of leaving the family dog chained up in the backyard are behind us. People take their furry best friends everywhere, from the cutesy boutique down the street, to the chapel where they are included in wedding pictures. Celebrities have been doting on their pooches for years, dressing them in adorable outfits and donning them in bling. Take a page from their book, and get your dog ready for every event, with these affordable possibilities. [More]

Hidden Beauty Remedies: Face

9. July 2014 00:00
Skincare is very important, but it can cost an arm and a leg if you go the traditional route. With all the cleansers, toners, serums and creams, beauty cabinets are about to burst! Try these at-home remedies for natural, effective skincare solutions to save some money and room. This is part two of our Hidden Beauty Remedies series. Be sure to check out last week’s entry, Hidden Beauty Remedies: Hair. [More]

Great Gifts for the Bridal Party

8. July 2014 00:00
You put so much time and effort into choosing the perfect cast for your bridal party. These are people who’ve been your best friends and confidantes since college, or in some cases, childhood. They’ve held your hand through all of life’s ups and downs. You want to put just as much effort into finding the perfect tokens of appreciation to show them how much their love and support means to you. Weddings are expensive enough already, though! Can a cash-strapped couple find meaningful gifts that won’t break the bank? Of course! Try one of these savvy suggestions. [More]

Flying High in Fashion

7. July 2014 00:00
Many people take the easy way out when flying. You’ve seen them. Sweats and sneakers, or even pajamas! But that is so not you. What if that cute guy across the aisle turns out to be single? On the other hand, you don’t want to spend hours wedged into that tiny seat wearing clothing that makes you squirm. So the age-old question remains – is it possible to fly high in fashion? Of course! Follow these tips I’ve gleaned, and you’ll look good and enjoy your flight at the same time. [More]

~Happy Independence Day~

4. July 2014 00:00
Wishing you a fun, fashionable Fourth of July. ~The Tjoos Team

Fourth of July Potluck Ideas for Procrastinators

3. July 2014 00:00
It’s finally here! Tomorrow, backyards around the country will be filled with tables upon tables of juicy burgers, tasty hotdogs, creamy potato salad and enough food to keep the entire nation full for days. Did you forget to make your annual pasta salad dish? Don’t fret, with a quick trip to the grocery store, you can make an easy, yet delightful, dish that will have Martha Stewart singing your praise. [More]