5 Reasons to Never Step Foot in the Gym Again

6. August 2014 00:00
What if I told you that you could lighten the load on your keychain by getting rid of that annoying gym key tag that has been taunting you with every skipped gym day? The age of the internet is running ahead, full steam, and fitting a workout in, no matter where you are, has become easier than ever. Workout subscription sites cost less than traditional gyms, and are a convenient option for everyone from college coeds to CEOs. Whether you’re a cardio-queen or a zen yogi, there’s a website to fit your fitness needs. [More]

Work Like a Dog Day: The Perfect Desk Accessories for Tough Work Days

5. August 2014 00:00
Rejoice hard workers! Today is a day that we get celebrated and hailed for our contribution to our offices and cubical farms. That’s because it’s Work Like a Dog Day, a day that honors and recognizes the hardest working people. Just to avoid confusion -- this day is specifically for people who work hard and not necessarily work all the time. Sorry work-a-holics. You’re probably wondering why it’s called Work Like a Dog day when dogs normally just hangout all day. Well, let’s not forget how hard dogs worked back in their heyday when they needed to herd and protect sheep, like shepherd dogs, and hunt wild boars, like Great Danes. Much like those hardworking dogs, some of us can relate to days when hard work doesn’t pay off and the day just seems to drag, or worse, is just terrible. Not to worry, I’ve got you covered for those manic Mondays!

Keep reading for a list of items that your desk needs to make every day feel like a Friday. [More]

Dorm Room 101

4. August 2014 00:00
Can you believe summer’s almost over and it’s already time to start planning for back to school? If you are a student or have a student starting college this year, it can be bittersweet. While all the new changes are exciting, they can be overwhelming too. Acquiring everything you need to make that little box-like dorm room feel like a real home can be daunting and expensive. Make sure you don’t forget anything or break the bank by following this guide to hassle-free dorm room shopping. [More]

Ditch Your Cable Bill and Don’t Miss a Thing

1. August 2014 00:00
Is it just me, or is cable becoming obsolete? I’m not talking about the shows. The entertainment is better than ever, with shows like Scandal and Parenthood providing drama for women around the world. But are those shows worth $100 bucks a month? That’s $1,200 a year, with nothing to show for it except for the fact that you may be more interesting at the water cooler each day. What if I told you there’s a way to watch these shows pretty much for free, although internet is required? Check out all the ways you can get your fix of your favorite guilty pleasures, without having to spend a dime. [More]

Make Money Off Your Old Clothes

31. July 2014 00:00
We all have those clothes, shoes and accessories we never wear anymore. They just sit in our closets, dressers and wardrobes taking up space. Why not get rid of them and make some money? With the latest websites and apps, you can easily clean out your closet and fill up your wallet. [More]

Why I Think Shopping at Costco is a Scam

30. July 2014 00:00
We’ve all had this conversation. Sitting around with a group of friends or other moms, the small talk inevitably turns to shopping. More specifically, to grocery shopping and the ever-skyrocketing prices of food. Nobody can believe how expensive it’s gotten. Everybody wants to save money. And then, if you’re like me, it happens. Somebody will bring up the virtues of shopping at Costco and when it’s your turn to chime in, you have to admit that you don’t belong to the club. You get silence and incredulous stares. Everybody you know will try to convince you that you are missing out on tremendous savings by not shopping there. They shake their heads at your inadequacy. They will argue their point until you’re convinced. Well, to this day, I’m still not convinced that a Costco membership saves money, and here is why. [More]

At-Home Manicures that Rival the Spa

29. July 2014 00:00
Maybe you don't have the time or money to visit the spa. You want to try the latest nail trend, but it just hasn't been in the cards. Perhaps you just need to be pampered a little bit. Let us tell you how get the same styles at home easily and on a budget. [More]

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

28. July 2014 00:00
Sometimes in life, we need to make hard decisions. Any pet parent who has ever had to take a trip to the animal ER knows just how expensive it can be. The daunting task of deciding whether your dog will receive the treatment they need or if you will feed your family next week should not be one you have to face alone. Think about getting pet insurance, which can help you keep your pet happy and healthy, and keep you from going bankrupt in the process. [More]

Planning an Affordable Move

25. July 2014 00:00
In addition to being the season that many of us vacation, the summertime is also popular for moving into a new place. Whether it’s into a house or your very first apartment, moving during the summer can be stressful thanks to the heat and unexpected moving costs. Small items like cardboard boxes and bubble wrap can add up. I once spent close to $100 on moving supplies alone. To ensure you don’t make the same mistakes I did, here are a few tips that will help you keep a little money in your wallet when you plan your next move. [More]

Free & Discounted Beauty Services

24. July 2014 02:37
Unfortunately, when money gets tight one of the first things to suffer can be your beauty routine. While your roots or pores may need some love, it can be expensive to book a day at the spa or salon. Luckily, there are solutions to help you maintain your hair and skin regimen on a budget. Follow along to see how you can get the best deals. [More]