~Happy Independence Day~

4. July 2014 00:00
Wishing you a fun, fashionable Fourth of July. ~The Tjoos Team

Fourth of July Potluck Ideas for Procrastinators

3. July 2014 00:00
It’s finally here! Tomorrow, backyards around the country will be filled with tables upon tables of juicy burgers, tasty hotdogs, creamy potato salad and enough food to keep the entire nation full for days. Did you forget to make your annual pasta salad dish? Don’t fret, with a quick trip to the grocery store, you can make an easy, yet delightful, dish that will have Martha Stewart singing your praise. [More]

Hidden Beauty Remedies: Hair

2. July 2014 00:00
Trips to the salon can get expensive and tedious. Instead of blowing your beauty budget on high-end treatments, try what you have at home! Little did you know that you have a ton of amazing options right in your kitchen. This is part one of our Hidden Beauty Remedies series. [More]

Glam on the Go: Top Travel-size Beauty Products

1. July 2014 00:00
Summer travel season is in full swing, so it’s time to get packing. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but packing for them can be stressful. You need your favorite beauty products to look your best, and that 3 ounces or less rule can be especially frustrating for glamazons on the go. While it’s tempting to spend a small fortune on travel-size products so you won’t be without your faves, there are other ways to pack light, economize and still have everything you need to be your fabulous self, wherever your vacation plans take you. [More]

Feed a Family of Five for $100 a Week

30. June 2014 00:00
The recession has hit a lot of us hard, and food prices are skyrocketing. What’s a mom to do? Due to an untimely layoff, our family income has been cut to under one-third of what we’re used to, so we’ve been forced to economize. I’ve been managing to feed my family of five, including three growing boys, on just about $100 a week. Yes, it can be done! Let me tell you how. [More]

Celebrate Independence Day in Style

27. June 2014 00:00
When you think of Independence Day, thoughts of themed activities might spring to mind, along with memories of where you watched your first fireworks show. As an adult, you may think that Independence Day is strictly for the kids to enjoy, right? Wrong! During America’s biggest celebration we have to make sure that you are looking fabulous from head-to-toe, no matter how you’re celebrating. [More]

Spoil Yourself with a Subscription Box

26. June 2014 00:00
Wouldn’t it be great to get pretty boxes filled with surprises each month, instead of just on your birthday? Well, there’s a way you can do just that. Subscription boxes are popping up all over the place, in just about every category you can imagine. Here’s the deal: You find the box that fits your needs and sign up for a subscription. Each month, they’ll charge the card you provided when you initialized your subscription and send you a box with items carefully curated by their team. In some cases, you can go on a mini-shopping spree and choose your own products. Most subscription boxes allow you to cancel whenever you would like. Before you enter the world of subscription heaven, I must warn you… It can be addicting. [More]

Must-Have Sandals of the Summer

25. June 2014 00:00
Summer is here! The sun is shining, the smell and taste of barbeque is in the air, ice cream trucks are playing that familiar tune and your feet are begging to be seen in style. Don't know which sandals you should have in your closet this summer? We've got you covered! Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but shoes are her partner in crime when it comes to avoiding the fashion police. Check out these must-have sandals that look good on your feet and even better on your budget. [More]

Planning a Vacation: Disney World

24. June 2014 00:00
Yesterday, we looked at planning a vacation to Disneyland. Some children dream of visiting Disney World, though. For mom and dad, the expenses involved in planning such a trip can become a nightmare. Prices are at their peak this time of year, but savvy parents can find plenty of ways to cut costs and make the visit fit their budget by following these tips. [More]

Planning a Vacation: Disneyland

23. June 2014 00:00
Everybody knows that the answer to the age-old question “What are you going to do this summer?” is “I’m going to Disneyland!” But how many people think about the follow-up question of “How are you going to pay for it?” Palm trees, cloudless skies and ocean breezes… there isn’t a more perfect place to visit than the Magic Kingdom, located in sunny Southern California. This handy guide will help you get the most bang for your buck when planning your Disney dream vacation. [More]