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Free shipping on Reflective 3-Pack Elastic Shoelace
20% off on 3-Pair Orders
20% off your purchase

About Lock Laces

Lock Laces is a company that was developed to prevent shoelaces from coming untied at inconvenient times. For athletes and other active people, untied shoelaces can present not only an inconvenience but also a danger. The Lock Laces product line is designed to keep shoelaces tied and shoes on securely.The primary products at LockLaces are spring lock plastic pieces that can be placed over the knot in a shoelace in order to keep the knot tied tightly during all activities. This product is popular both among athletes and also among parents of young children who may not be able to tie their own shoes. This ensures that parents don't have to worry about tying their children's shoes regularly.

Lock Laces also manufactures several types of plastic shoelaces that are designed to have greater friction when rubbing up against one another. This helps to protect them from coming lose when tied tightly.

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