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AlphabetPix offers a creative and unique product in the form of photographs shaped in the letters of the alphabet. For example, you can find a framed collage of pictures on Alphabet Pix consisting of a variety of nature images that combine to form a specific word such as "faith" or "Noel."Shop at AlphabetPix for artfully created gifts. When you click on the products page, you will see categories of name frames, custom stationery and themed frames. Choosing the Shoreline Collection 5-window frame, for example, gives you Alphabet Pix color images in a white frame. Order it for yourself or have it shipped as a gift to your loved ones.

If interested in custom stationery, you can purchase personalized name-art photo cards that spell your name and accommodate names up to eight letters. The photo cards come with matching envelopes for easy mailing. If searching for new ways to decorate your walls, check out the ideas page to see creative approaches to creating a warm and sentimental atmosphere at home using AlphabetPix.

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